About dProg
Sunday, 03 August 2008 16:04

Who we are

dProg was founded in the middle of 2005, in Switzerland. dProg is an open source community who provides free softwares. Most softwares developped by DProg are distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). Please note the difference between "free software" and "open source software". The first refers to a social movement, the second a method of development (see also categories of softwares). dProg has a commercial sponsor hosted at www.dprog.ch.

Our mission

dProg is commited to the promotion and the development of free softwares developed by its own community, those on wich we rely and more generally to every open source sofwares.

What we do

We promote open source sofware and its development by :

  • providing website hosting for open source softwares through dprog.net domain and its sub-domains
  • providing support and assistance for all the projects hosted on dprog.net
  • collaborating to the development of the free projects available here
  • developping applications that put together many other open source softwares in order to demonstrate their capabilities and thus make them more attractive and popular

What we do not do

We don't provide Source Code Management (SCM) hosting for Subversion, CVS, Bazar, Git, etc. For such services you might consider a registration by one of the following providers. They provide cutting edge solutions for collaborative SCM on the web. They do not only cover revision control but also blueprints, translations, bug tracking system, etc. That's not our goal to start from zero with a technologie that is mature and well implanted. Take a look at the Links section to get links to the most famous SCM solutions on the web.

dProg Meaning

dProg is a French word-play that stands for "des Prog(rammes)" wich could be translated as "Many Softwares".


The story

It all started in middle of 2005, when Philippe Docourt started developping a free photo management software. This application was called Elan-PixManager. dProg was founded for owning the copyright of Elan-PixManager. Thus software was then made available on sourceforge.net mainly in order to enable to share with his friends the same photo management software.

Thereafter, he has published on SourceForge the source code of another software called Love Messenger. Gradually some requests occured and it is very quickly became difficult - for just one guy - to develop, provide support, but also and especially, promote  these softwares. This required other developers and most importantly a website dedicated to these applications. Consideration should be given to a private hosting for providing an efficient collaborative website.

In the meantime he introduced to a few colleagues a powerfull tool for finding and replacing text in files. That software has attracted interest from some developers, and thus has  increased the enthousiasm for launching a new website for the developers community. At the end of 2007, www.dprog.net was born.


  • June 2005: dProg foundation
  • Novembre 2006: release source code of Elan-PixManager under the GNU/GPL licence by registering this project at sourceforge.net
  • November 2007: release source code of Love Messenger under the GNU/GPL licence by registering this project at sourceforge.net
  • December 2007: the commissioning of the website dprog.net mark the advent of the community
  • August 2008: the dProg website has been fully reorganized
  • March 2009: March 2009: establishement of dProg - Philippe Docourt, our commercial support. Its goals are: financialy support the community, provides services for softwares developped by the community.