Written by Philippe Docourt   
Tuesday, 09 December 2008 17:10

HeapTracker is a library for tracking memory leaks in C++ programms.

HeapTracker is a small C++ library that enables you to catch any calls to the
new/delete operators, thus allowing you to track the memory allocation on
the heap. This library provides basic reporting capabilities for memory
allocation and memory leaks.



BSD License



You can get the last version here.


Source code

You can grab the source code from the SVN repository with one of the following command lines.

Full read-write access to this repository is of course restricted to recognized developers. Write to us if you want to be involved in the development effort. If you are a recognized developer type:

svn co https://dprog.dynalias.net/svn/dev/heaptracker/trunk heaptracker --username "your-user-name"


We also provide read-only anonymous access to the repository through an anonymous user name:

svn co https://dprog.dynalias.net/svn/dev/heaptracker/trunk heaptracker --username anonymous